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E-mail: carpetk@163.com, Michael Zhang, Tel: +86-631-5319651, We own three carpet factories in China, Which produce carpet, Axminster, Wilton, Carpet tile (Modular carpet), Hand tufted carpet & Rug, Machine Tufted carpet, Printed carpet. We custom make (customize) carpets, Awarded ISO9001, ISO14001, CRI Green Plus, IMO Marine Carpet Certificates. The carpet bidding are becoming more and more keen competitive, Chinese labor are cheaper, Our carpet are good and cheaper enough to win in keen competition, With our carpets you can get much more projects and profits than before. We are expecting to become your carpet production base, Just like that you have a carpet factory in China. David Industrial Group Limited Custom Make Carpets & Rugs Manufacturer Shandong, China, China carpet, Chinese carpet, China axminster, Chinese axminster, China carpet tile, China modular carpet, China hand tufted carpet, China custom carpet, China customize carpet, China custom make carpet, China customise carpet, China oem carpet, China carpet manufacturer, China carpet wholesale, China carpet co., China carpet inc., China carpet distributor, China carpet supplier, China carpet factory, China carpet export, China oem carpet tile, China oem hand tufted carpet, China rug, China wilton, China printed carpet, China Tufted carpet, China imo carpet, China marine carpet, China vessel carpet, China ship carpet, China cruise carpet, China cabin carpet, China machine tufted carpet, China custom axminster, China custom wilton, China custom hand tufted carpet, China custom printed carpet, China oem axminster, China hotel carpet, China office carpet tile, China carpet gmbh,llc.s.arl. n.v s.rl, China wool carpet, China pp carpet, China nylon carpet, China mat, China guestroom carpet, China corridor carpet.

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