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Sell Composite Geomembrane Geotextile


Company: Huatao Group Limited Website: Geocomposite Geomembrane Description HUATAO geocomposite geomembrane and geotextile, super wide composite geomembrane is a kind of composite materials which made from one or more than two kinds of materials, such as Geotechnical geotextile and macromolecule materials (PE geomembrane,EVA) and so on. The composite geomembrane is made by the advanced manufacturing tech of heat-compounding. Taking geotextile as the water-drain layer and macromolecule materials as the impervious layer,it is of special impervious, protection,and seperation function through calender and thermal painting,It brings much convenience to construction with more application fields, for its toughness, sound corrosion resistance, and anti-aging are beyond quotas of simply applied textiles or membrane. Specification  1. Width: Max 6 Meters 2. Length: As request  3. Geotextile Type: Staple Fiber & Continuous Filament nonwoven Geotextile ( 80GSM -- 1000GSM) 4. Geomembrane Type: 0.1mm - 1.0mm ( White & Black color) 5. Color for Composite membrane: Black / White ....  6. Free Samples  7. Package: Paper Core, Waterproof membrane and Plastic Woven Fabric 8. Loading: 20Ft container, 40Ft high Container

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