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Sell Microfiber Super Chenille Mop Offer


Microfiber Super Chenille Mop is made of 100%Microfiber,Microfiber Chenille Fabric in the middle for cleaning works,it is the superest Microfiber Cleaning fabric. you can first fasten the Mop on a mop handle,use the Chenille to cleaning the floor.This Mop have perfect design,the Microfiber fabric wrap the hard plastic Mop head,the mop head cann’t damadge your furniture or lacerate the wood floor.Soft products,good absorption,Durable,good looking,clean water drops,dust or grime quickly and completely.Lint free,No trace left after cleaning, can be easily cleaned,handing for dry. Avoid cross-contamination between different space. Full Size:38*30CM,the chenille width is 18CM,we can do custom size for this products, Usage:to clean or polish wood floor,tile floor,tile wall surface and marble surface,also can clean ceiling or big smooth area From:Qingdao Hey Daily Cleansing Products CO.,Ltd Please inquiry me by:towels at hlcleansing.com

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